Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Everyone is skating in low top Adidas"

I'm sure I'm opening a slew of tales with this. There must be other analog VHS, 8mm & VHSC tapes stored in Airwalk Enigma or Vans Caballero shoe boxes buried amongst Christmas decorations and old appliances in parent's attics or basements.
We may have taken a bus there on this day or someone's parent could have dropped us off. Finding out about a demo was pure chance back then. There were no message boards, emails or Myspace to advertise the event. It was myself and my friend Angelo and I think Rich and Jimmy Long were there because I think I hear Jimmy's voice off camera talking to me (Rich was Richie back then and never spoke at all-he was probably 11). Maybe the Long brothers weren't even there. Rich will have to clarify.
Danny's Ride Away cheaped out this time and instead of having the various pieces of pvc pipe boxes and slider bars and jump ramps, they had a wood pallet.
Shown here are Rodney Mullen & Brian Lotti. Also at the demo was Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson & Tim Gavin. They didn't skate, though. Tim Gavin made a few attempts at a backside heelflip-noseblunt-slide on the pallet but didn't pull it. Someone go learn that trick now.
All I know is it was the first time I ever saw someone wear Adidas Campus to skate. If you listen there is actually a comment made off camera about it. We all raided Kaddy Kan after this for $10 or $20 deadstock Puma and Adidas. I'm pretty sure 'Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies' was at the store that day and my friend Angelo scored a copy. Early 90's, bad oversized clothing, PRT bumping out of someone's car stereo-brilliant times that remind me of fun.
If you pay attention you might see yourself or some familiar faces...

"Everyone is skating in low top Adidas" from Peabody on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Saw some familiar faces! Adam Steinhauser, Ed Gerena, and Matt Bell. I do remember Matt saying "Yo Lotti, what's up with those Adidas, those shits are played out! Ha

adam said...

awesome .... fun days ..... too bad we are will all be dead soon