Sunday, May 31, 2009


My parent's would occasionally come up on a 3+1 blank VHS pack. Those things were costly back then at five to six dollars each. They would be generous and give me one of tapes for my own personal use. You had three recording speeds to choose from; SP,LP or SLP (short play/long play/super long play). In these days the VCR was always set to SLP. That gave you six whole hours of Skate TV excerpts, new wave & punk videos from 120 Minutes, dubbed skate videos your friends or Blockbuster would have and maybe even some crap footage of yourself trying to poorly ollie a garbage can.
This demo was either June 1989 or 1990. It might have been one of the last demos at Danny's Ride Away that had obstacles. I was there with my friend Cal (who worshipped Jeremy Klein) and my friend Brian Kushner.
This is a 2nd or 3rd generation dub of a tape shot by Mrs. Bruhl, the mother of some of our skate crew, The Bruhl Clan (Danny, Critter & Dave). They rocked rat tails. I think she did an excellent job for a mom with a VHS camera at a skate demo.
I remember Cal was scared to talk to Jeremy Klein who was sitting all alone on his board so I went and talked to him. He was nice to me and I found out he had a severed nerve in his arm from falling through a window fucking around (not skating). A foreshadowing of a Klein we would discover much later when he was lipsliding barns on fire and driving a van down the El Toro stairs. Someone also robbed his board after the demo and he was bummed cause he had new Swiss bearings. It was probably BSA.
This may have been the demo Rodney Mullen was rude to John Oswald at. I know the old school Bay Shore cats were there cause we knew who they were from skating Babylon and I saw Ron from the city in the crowd. I think The Ronz and Gino were there but I didn't know who they were until later on a bit at Skateboard Madness...

SLP VHS from Peabody on Vimeo.


gashouSE GORILLA said...

the ronz killed the demo with the bs 180 indy over the dollycart

Nancy said...

is that at Danny's Rideaway in Levittown? my uncle owned it and my cousin ran it until he was killed by a drunk driver in november 1987, i am looking for anyone who knew him then and to see if there are any stories you can tell me.

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