Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Skool Demos Part 2

New Skool was good. As Pheo said there was often good demos. There was a 3 foot indoor mini & they used to let us take all the flat bars & boxes out behind the building whenever we wanted to. Some of the familiar faces that worked there over the years were; Jon Pierre Vargas, Anthony Pappalardo, Mike Lent and I think Steve Fletch. Keith Denley & Quinn Sherman were the resident groms.
I don't remember the A-Team demo. I don't think Pheo remembers this demo. I have some very dusty stills from a Firm demo. This was back when Frank Gerwer was in their gang. 5boro showed up in a beater Mercedes station wagon (I think) with vanity plates that said '5boro'. I think Tato ollied off a flat bank ramp over a folding table standing up. Something like that. These facts could be very blurred. I never even did drugs I'm just burnt...I also have a Shorty's demo on video I will find at some time and post....
Frank Gerwer-Krooked Grind
Frank Gerwer- Krooked Grind
Ray Barbee-stylish backside ollie
Ray Barbee-style king of the week
Ray Barbee-smiling
Ray Barbee-Smiling
Neil Morgan- front smith
Neil Morgan-Back Smith
Steve Rodriguez-big Indy
Steve Rodriguez-Funbox indy air
The Firm- New Skool, Sayville NY-1990's

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