Monday, March 30, 2009

55 Duffy continued...

I probably had not made my way to T.O.B. until '93 when I had a car. I lived on the south shore so if it wasn't on the Babylon LIRR line or a near by bus ride away, I probably hadn't been there. I missed the days of T.O.B. being a mecca, but didn't miss out on plenty of good skate sessions there. It was mostly a night time stop. Maybe after Y.O.M. was over for the evening on the weekend or a mid-week night session. The toast of the evening was always to walk up to the top and bomb down the parking garage.
Pheo-where's the footage of your head getting broke open?
Anyway, here are some old pics of Nick Katsoulas. He was one of 55 Duffy's 2nd generation. Always a ripper and a good time to skate with. All pics shot in one afternoon on maybe two rolls of film. Only the first one is at T.O.B but that's OK.

The Hubba stairs at 55 Duffy get
a powerful, stylish-front foot caught tre-flip.

Wallride fakie-Nollie out.
It say's 'Suck Cock' on the wall

Nollie shuvit near the wallride spot.

Milridge Inn. Bodega Oscar lurking.

Hope you are well, Nick.

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